The indigo soul

Inspired Custom Creations 



Mother Earth has graciously provided us with the most extraordinary gifts in materials & resources to use  from nature that are both beautiful & beneficial to us. The Indigo Soul creates from Earth, unique Artisan beaded gemstone & crystal jewelry and other creations from Sterling Silver, Recycled Copper & Recycled Aluminum. Inspired by Nature, Guided by Divine Energy & Grounded in Love.

The essence of artisan jewelry is that each piece is hand crafted by the artist. Most of this jewelry has been combined with gemstones or crystals for their ancient metaphysical properties or spiritual meaning, so that the beauty of each piece goes beyond its surface & physical properties and speaks to your heart. The healing benefits of the Recycled Copper Collection as well as the Pure Essential Oil Blends in the Indigo Mists & Indigo Aromas are also undeniable & awaken the spirit. Much thought, prayer, love and intention has been swirled & coiled over these surfaces.

New ~ Enchanted Wire Tree Sculptures

for jewelry holder, centerpiece, display


Handcrafted Quality