Angela and MaryAnn are lifelong friends and have created together “The Indigo Soul”.  Our Company was inspired by the love of Lifelong Friends of over 30 years, combining our creativity, inspiration, and artistry. You can read more about us on our “About Us” Page. We have been creating jewelry for some time now and have fallen in love with the idea of creating jewelry for the spiritual, healing and energy aspects of the gemstones we use as well as the Beauty they provide! The Indigo Soul creates handcrafted jewelry from Earth, unique Artisan beaded jewelry and other types of creations. Our handcrafted jewelry is sold via our online shop and through Art Fairs, Festivals and Events in the Southeastern United States.

Welcome to The Indigo Soul!

We are truly inspired by Nature, guided by Divine Energy & grounded in Love. Our belief is that Mother Earth has graciously provided us with the most extraordinary gifts in materials and resources to use from nature that are both beautiful and beneficial to us. Most of our jewelry & beaded creations have been made with, and/or combined with gemstones for their ancient metaphysical properties or spiritual meanings, so that the beauty of each piece goes beyond its surface and physical properties and speaks to your heart.

You do not need to be looking for healing or need to have a certain set of spiritual beliefs to buy or wear our designs; some people buy it just because they like how it looks. You can choose your jewelry by the colors you are drawn to, the name, intent of the piece or for the semiprecious gemstones that are contained within the jewelry. Let yourself be drawn to the piece of healing jewelry without thinking too much about it, let your heart rather than your head be your guide and you will find the perfect match. We do hope you will think about the meanings of the stones as you make your choices, but it is not necessary. Much thought, prayer, love and intention has been swirled and coiled over these surfaces.

The greatest effort is made to make every item unique, incorporating individual, often unexpected final touches so that each piece says something significant about the person wearing it.

Our pieces incorporate various mediums including sea glass, wire work, semi precious stones & crystals, and of course beads. We source all our beads and findings personally and pride ourselves in choosing quality items. We can provide unique jewelry for every day as well as special occasions. Our unique designs are handmade and affordable. We only use quality metals including Sterling Silver and 100% natural Copper.

The Indigo Soul can also provide services, ideal for bridal, prom jewelry or a special gift. Please contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to help. Browse our site, enjoy the information available, and let us know how we can bring light to your life…